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Grab introduces PayLater feature that lets you pay your usage in one monthly bill

If you use a lot of Grab's services, PayLater is a new feature for you. It consolidates all your rides, food, and deliveries into one monthly bill.
Grab PayLater now in PH
Grab PayLater now in PH

Grab PayLater now official

Use Grab services now, PayLater with a month bill
Use Grab services now, PayLater with a month bill

PayLater allows users to consolidate their bills from GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabMart, and GrabExpress in a month in one bill. This is a more flexible payment option for those who are more comfortable with a monthly payment arrangement.

How does it work? In case you are short in cash but need to use Grab's services, you can now still use the service and, as the name implies, pay later. It is available to the top tier and long-time Grab users who regularly use the app's features and those with significant transactions across the app's different services. If you are qualified, you will see it as a payment method for Grab transactions. The consumer will have to click and subscribe to activate the PayLater feature.

For repayment, PayLater bills will be generated on the 1st and 15th of the month with 7 days allowance to settle. With 0 percent interest, users will only have to pay a processing fee of 3.99% for each consolidated bill. 

PayLater users can avoid any bill shock by tracking their transactions. Just go to the PayLater section and click the "View Details" button to see their current spending total, available balance, and transaction history. The entire PayLater system is transparent, so people can see that there are no hidden fees. To avoid late fees, users can enable their notifications to receive regular payment reminders before their due date. Late fees are 3.99 percent of the total bill.

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