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Manny Pacquiao's skin in Mobile Legends: BangBang, will be available on April 13

Boxing legend "Manny Pacquiao" is getting his own Epic Skin in Mobile Legends: BangBang. It will be released on April 13.
"Manny Pacquiao skin coming soon"

Pacquiao licensed skin!

To recall, back in November 2020, Moonton introduced the boxing icon as their ambassador for the Philippine market. Through their collaboration, a hero based on Manny himself was made and known as "Paquito". 

The hero was released in mid-January and becomes a hit immediately on players around the world. In fact, Paquito joins in ML's META heroes as getting him for your team can almost secure a victory if played correctly. 

Of course, Paquito's kit shares similarities with Manny's moves. He is very fast with combos and lethal once he gets near his enemies.

Moving on to the Epic Skin, Moonton has been teasing it a lot on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube for quite some time. 
Talking about the appearance, the new skin looks like a 3D version of Manny coupled with his trademark tattoo and a boxing glove. 
3D model of  the skin

Based on the trailer it will have its own animated display of the punching senator himself. There will be new skill effects with cool thunder-like-looking animations on every punch. The heroes icon will be shiny and animated just like what every Epic Skins in ML's have. 

The new skin is also region-locked for southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. We hope that it will be available for other countries too as the boxing legend has a lot of fans around the world and many foreign players want to get it as well.

As for the pricing, Epic Skins are one of the premium skins alongside "collector and legend" ones. So it is safe to expect that it will be priced a bit expensive. Still, for those who want to avail of it for a lower price, players can take advantage of the 30 percent discount on the first seven days upon release. Though there have been leaks of how much it will be. We will wait for the official announcement on the release date on April 13. 

Who's excited about the upcoming skin?

Source: Moonton
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