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SHAREit pushes for growth and innovation for the PH market

As Filipino internet users increased by 4.2M, SHAREit saw an opportunity to help drive growth and innovation for the PH market through collaborations.
SHAREit pushes for growth and innovation for the PH market
SHAREit aims to help local brands expand

SHAREit taps PH businesses like GCash, Kumu

According to SHAREit, the number of mobile connections in the Philippines in January 2021 was equivalent to 138.2 percent of the total population, owing to the fact that many Filipinos have more than one mobile connection.

SHAREit turned into a one-stop content platform that enables the transfer of video, music, files, and apps from one device to another. This is the brainchild of the SHAREit group that has 4.4 billion users worldwide and sits top 10 of the world's most downloaded apps on Google Play. In the Philippines, it is already ranked 8th in terms of use in the country.

SHAREit also worked with local brands and marketers to serve as a platform for marketing and growth. SHAREit is already working with Kumu and GCash to build up their user base and drive user engagement and retention.

For 2021, the SHAREit group saw 2021 as a prime opportunity to expand and officially set up a local team in PH. This is because of the growing and local mobile app ecosystem and growth of SHAREit app in the Philippines.

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