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Smart SmartSat XT Lite satellite phone now available, priced at PHP 38,500

Satellite phones used to be speciality devices until Smart made its SmartSat XT Lite satellite phone available to the public via its Lazada store.
Smart SmartSat XT Lite satellite phone now available, priced at PHP 38,500
SmartSat XL Lite now in Lazada for PHP 38,500

SmartSat XL Lite now available via Lazada

SmartSat XL Lite is from Thuraya
SmartSat XL Lite is from Thuraya

Yes, at PHP 38,500, it is still a niche product for a specific group of people in need of a satellite phone for their particular living/work situations. But, having a satellite phone is helpful if you need a device that can call and text even in the most remote areas in the country. This is great for people who work in industrial operations, venture out to the sea, and even during emergencies/calamities.

The device seems to be outsourced via Thuraya, a company that specializes in global satellite operations and communications. The Thuraya XT Lite has a rugged look with a 2.4-inch toughened Gorilla Glass-protected outdoor display, IP55/IK05 water, dust, and shock-proof resistance, and T9-keypad. It measures 128 x 53 x 27 mm and weighs 186 grams.

It offers an uninterrupted connection in Satellite mode due to its advanced omnidirectional antenna. This ensures seamless walk-and-talk functionality for calls on the go. It also has up to 80-hours of standby time and up to 6 hours of continuous talk time. It also features an easy-to-use menu and interfaces with 12 languages available.

It also has call barring, call diverting, conference calls, call waiting, closed user group, and voice mail. It also features GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Alarm clock, calendar, calculator, stopwatch, world clock, and a 2.5mm earphone jack. It can also store up to 255 contacts using its phone memory.

Price and availability

SmartSat XL Lite with Smart Satellite Prepaid SIM with USD 120 worth of load - PHP 38,500
SmartSat SIM card w/ USD 225 worth of load - PHP 11,700
SmartSat Top-up Card 100 - PHP 5,200
SmartSat Top-up Card 250 - PHP 13,000

For those who are in the market for a satellite phone, the SmartSat XL Lite, SIM card, and top-up cards are now available via Smart's official Lazada store.

What do you guys think?

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