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Tencent's TiMi Studios shines on its 2020 income, gains USD 10 billion (around PHP 486 billion)

TiMi Studios, a Tencent-owned video game developer has generated an income amounting to USD 10 billion or around PHP 486 billion.
Tencent and Timi Studios logo

Known for COD mobile and Honor of Kings!

TiMi Studios were popularly known as the developer of the hottest mobile games such as the Call of Duty Mobile and the MOBA Honor of Kings.

Based on the report from Reuters, the garnered income by the publisher makes them the largest game developer today. They even manage to beat the income of Activision, where the producer of the Call of Duty franchise on PC and Console posted USD 8 billion of revenue for 2020 which is USD 2 billion short compared to TiMi's.
Call of Duty: Mobile

The games from TiMi became successful that COD mobile is reportedly had the biggest mobile game launch yet in history when it was released back in October 2019 reaching 100 million downloads across the globe on its first week. While the Honor of Kings also known as the basis for Arena of Valor is already a smash hit in China. In fact, the game boasts 100 million daily active users as of November 2020 based on Tencent.

Apart from that, it looks like Tencent and its son don't seem to plan to rest as they are reportedly planning to create a video game that is something similar to the movie "Ready Player One". With this upcoming triple-A title, the publishers will be competing on the PC and Console segment. 

Tencent is also establishing studios for Lightspeed and Quantum and another one for TiMi, both will be based in Los Angeles with the aim of producing content with original intellectual property that will cater to a global audience.

Many developers also asked for assistance from Tencent as they want to make a mobile port of their console titles. These titles range from in-depth storytelling or battle, online RPGs, and online battle arenas.

To recall, Tencent is known for buying stakes from publishers such as Riot Games having majority ownership and 40 percent from Epic Games the publisher behind Fornite. They also own Lightspeed and Quantum which created the PUBG: Mobile and became a smash hit too reaching over 1 billion downloads around the world.

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Sources: Reuters, Via: The Verge
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