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Blacklist International makes a comeback and takes the crown of MPL Season 7

Blacklist International became the MPL Season 7 Champions as they made a stellar comeback 4-3 against the team Execration.
Blacklist International 

Season 7 MPL champions!

The team Execration looked unstoppable with the momentum they gained from the lower bracket. They immediately started the grand finals with a lead by capitalizing on late-game heroes and playing safe until they reach the power spike needed which then made them secure games 1 and 2 from Blacklist International. 

However, on game 3, Blacklist bounced back by making the Execration pay on over committing in the last team fight which gave them a win.

Moving into game 4 of the series, Team Execration stayed with their plan of using late-game potential heroes and taking advantage of the mobility from their "Ling" and "Claude" picks which gave problems on their opponents eventually taking the game and making the series 3-1.

In-game 5, Blacklist International coach "Bon Chan" found an answer to their opponent's late-game picks, he adjusted his draft for the team by tweaking it a little bit and made a surprise pick of "Faramis" A hero that revives fallen teammates repeatedly when using the ultimate called "Cult Altar".

This is where Execration's problem begins as even though they were able to kill their opponent's heroes, they are quickly revived repeatedly by the ultimate of Faramis that allows Blacklist members to continuously fight back. Adding salt to the injury, Blacklist also utilized one of "Ohymyvenus" best picks called "Mathilda" which allowed them to do proper pickoffs forcing into game 6 and making the series 3-2.

"Eson" carried Blacklist on his back by doing stellar "iron hooks from his "Franco" in game 6, it became instrumental during team fights and maintained their momentum. Before reaching the 10-minute mark they were able to do a 4-man wipe out from their enemies securing game 6, forcing a do or die match on game 7.

Game 7 is the best among the series of the grand finals, but it seems Blacklist finally checkmates Execration on their draft by using most of the team's comfort picks such as "Estes", "Rafaela", "Paquito", and "Harith". They also released an "Aldous" Hypercarry strategy that deals a lot of damage output during mid to late game phases. The Healing from two supports was already a huge problem for their enemies as the sustain it provides was too much for the opposing side. Then the other three heroes continue to scale and become unstoppable as the game progresses.

However "Kelra" from Execration tried to do clutch plays by wiping out their enemies and doing a "Savage" play. But with his team's turrets were taken down and no minions, it wasn't enough to seal the game. It was only to buy time for an impending loss as when the whole Blacklist members respawn they immediately pushed the base and secured game 7.

Blacklist International already had the best record in regular MPL season 7 with only 1 loss. They introduced a "new meta" by using support and utility heroes which then are paired by superior rotations and early game strength and objectives. 

Many international teams took inspiration from this new meta and win their respective MPL tournaments.

Now Blacklist International proves that their support strategy is one of the best as they become champions themselves.

Meanwhile, both Execration and Blacklist will be the representatives to join the MSC one of the MLBB's prestigious tournaments for SEA.

Source: MPL PH

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