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Huawei and Leica: Our cooperation still continues

Huawei Philippines has sent team GIZGUIDE an official statement clarifying recent rumors surrounding its partnership with Leica.
File photo: Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei x Leica partnership is still intact

In a joint statement, Chinese technology giant Huawei and legendary German camera maker Leica said that their cooperation still continues.

The trustful and long-term technology partnership with the Huawei Consumer Business Group exists since 2015. Since the beginning the partnership brings huge value to consumers as well as to both companies. As the cooperation still continues, the associated compliance with all confidentialities is of course preserved. The partners have agreed to secrecy about any details of the contract. Please understand that we will not be commenting on this.

This basically means that Huawei's partnership with the camera maker is still ongoing. But, they declined to give any other details regarding its contract that exists since 2015.

To recap, there's a recent report that Leica is eyeing Xiaomi, HONOR, and Sharp to be its new mobile partners. There are claims that the upcoming P50 series will be the last with Leica and the US-China trade pressures may have weighed down Huawei's deal with Leica.

Last year, Huawei even labeled report like these as fake news.

But, while Huawei's partnership with the Leica is still intact, it is likely not an exclusive collaboration anymore.

Yesterday, Japanese firm Sharp launched the Aquos R6 with a Leica-branded camera.

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