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Kalaro app launches–A portal for Filipinos to the eSports industry

The Kalaro web app is officially launched in the Philippines. It serves as a "super app" for Filipino gamers to help PH catch up in eSports.
Kalaro app launches–A portal for Filipinos to the eSports industry
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What is Kalaro app?

Kalaro's UI
Kalaro's UI

Kalaro is a platform that serves as a single portal to a wide range of virtual features and services for gamers, content creators, game strategists, tournament organizers, and entrepreneurs. In simpler terms, Kalaro is a Filipino gaming platform that offers tournament management, social media, video hub, and more.

The truth is the esports industry in the Philippines is still in its early infancy phase. According to Kalaro, as a country, we are still ages behind the rest of the world because of some significant factors. 

These factors are the following as per Kalaro:

1. The stigma and cultural acceptance that gaming is not sports and being a professional gamer is not a real career.
2. The lack of inclusivity and diversity due to low discoverability because of the difference in access to resources and space to play and be seen.
3. The lack of official and organized spaces to practice or a one-stop-shop that would advocate and create an organized movement for the community.

The people behind Kalaro understand the potential of the esports industry and how gamers and other stakeholders could benefit and improve the quality of their lives when the whole community works and plays together. Kalaro will make tournament management simpler, brand integration seamless along with in-app social media/content media browsing, and in-app advocacy.

More information is available via Kalaro's website. Kalaro has an ongoing promotion where they are giving away up to 5 million Kalaro gems to lucky app users. Everyone can still join. All they have to do is to create a free account now and start discovering the many valuable features of the super app.

What do you guys think?

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