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OnePlus rolls out Clipt file sharing app between phones and PCs

After launching the OneLab team a week ago, OnePlus just released an app called Clipt. 
OnePlus rolls out Clipt app for file sharing between phone and laptop
How does Clipt work?

Connect multiple smartphones, tablets, Macs, and PC together 

According to OneLab, the idea to create Clipt originated from an online research session with a few community members. During that time, they observed the need for a more convenient way of transferring a file from a mobile phone to a computer. 

As a solution to their problem, one of their developers created a simple demo app to copy the text on a phone and paste it on a laptop. Since then, they have been working and testing to improve Clipt.

Basically, Clipt works by creating a link between all devices to increase productivity. OnePlus said that you can seamlessly and safely send text, photos, and data over the cloud using your clipboard with this app. 

The team also explains that the app works in the background, so it will be easy to copy one device then paste it on another. Once installed, the app can be connected to as many devices as the user prefers.

To safely transfer data in the background, Clipt utilizes Google Drive. Once the content was uploaded, the app transfer an unidentifiable file ID and file type. After that, they will send a go signal to the other device to download the file.

How can you send a file using Clipt?

Send a file on a mobile device, send the text by copying the selected text, and then pressing the send button that will appear in your notification panel. You can also copy and send straight from your app.

On the other hand, you can send a text on a computer by simply copying anything. OneLab claims that it works across your whole OS, even outside of Chrome in apps such as the Office 365 suite and Keynote.

Clipt is currently downloadable on Google Play Store and Chrome. Meanwhile, the team is still working on its iOS version, and no word yet when it will arrive on App Store.

Source: OnePlus

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