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MIUI 12.5 Global Stable ROM testing program announced for POCO phones, testers wanted

POCO informs fans that it is now recruiting testers for the MIUI 12.5 Global Stable ROM on select devices.

MIUI 12.5 Globa Stable ROM testers wanted

Recently, POCO posted on its community page that it is now mass recruiting for MIUI Global Stable ROM testers for select POCO devices. In the same post, the company also revealed the process of application to be a tester and the list of devices that will be supported.

Take note of the following before applying for testers

Before applying, POCO says that users will only test Global Stable ROM. If you are willing to, then apply. 
POCO will not send recruitment notices after application. 
The company will give notice for OTA release to testers via Telegram Channel. 
To make sure that you are able to receive OTA updates, POCO says to make sure if your device is on the MIUI Global Stable ROM list of devices when applying for the recruitment. 
Do not forget to and always back up before updating.
All applications will be reviewed and then permission will be granted.

How To Check MIUI ROM Version:

1. Please go to “Settings-About phone” to check the version.
2. As the red circle shown in the picture, the character displays:
“MI” means Global Version-11.X.X.X(***MI**)
“IN” means Indian Version-11.X.X.X(***IN**)
“EU” means Europe Version-11.X.X.X(***EU**)
“RU” means Russian Version-11.X.X.X(***RU**)
“ID” means Indonesian Version-11.X.X.X(***ID**)

POCO Stable Tester Requirements: 

1. The tester should have and is using a qualified smartphone can actively participate in the stable version test, feedback, and suggestions.
2. The phone should be logged in with the same ID which he/she has filled in the recruitment form.
3. The tester should have tolerance for issues, willing to cooperate with the engineers about the issues with detailed information.
4. The tester must have the ability to recover phone when flashing failed and must be willing to take risks about failed updating.
5. Applicant's age should be 18 and older.

List of Devices for MIUI 12.5 Global Stable ROM testing 

1. POCO F3 (MI, RU, ID, EEA)
2. POCO X3 PRO (Global, IN, EEA, RU, ID)
3. POCO X3/NFC (Global, RU, IN, EEA, ID)
4. POCO F2 PRO (Global, RU, ID, EEA)
5. POCO X2 (IN)
6. POCO M3 (Global, RU, ID, EEA, IN)
8. POCO M2 (IN)
9. POCO C3 (IN)

The company is waiting for your application.

Are you qualified to apply and which POCO device are you using?

What do you guys think?

Source: POCO Via: GSMArena

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