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Deal: ROWA's portable air conditioner gets 10 percent off only until today!

With its official store in Lazada, ROWA is offering a discount for its compact air conditioner and other appliances from May 15-16, 2021.
Deal: ROWA's portable air conditioner gets 10 percent off only until today!
1HP ROWA Portable Air conditioner

Portable and efficient cooling from ROWA

As the summer in the Philippines is getting hotter, ROWA is giving a good deal for its 1HP Portable Airconditioner (CompAC). The ROWA CompAC is said to be designed for the cool breeze and comfort that users can bring anywhere at home with its compact size, easy control, hassle-free installation, and more functions for a relatively affordable price tag.

Installing this compact aircon is hassle-free as it comes with easy-to-connect accessories that can be assembled in minutes. Inside the box, you'll find 1 unit of 1HP portable air conditioner, exhaust hose, hose inlet, hose outlet, and drainage hose.

Aside from that, this home appliance is equipped with a two-fan speed air, enlarged front-air outlet, and powerful ventilation which allows the air to reach farther and wider areas. ROWA said that it is suitable for rooms no larger than 30 sqm.

Moreover, CompAC operates with a dual-fan motor so it can allow faster cooling of the area. However, ROWA claims that this technology can keep the noise level at the minimum for a good night's sleep.

The product also features a convenient control panel with multiple functions and remote control so the user can quickly adjust power modes, fan speed, timer, and others. In terms of maintenance, this portable air conditioner sports an easy-to-remove filter mesh for convenient and direct washing.

This item from ROWA includes a one-year warranty for its parts and services plus a five-year warranty for its compressor.

Price and availability

ROWA CompAC - PHP 13,995 (PHP 12,595 sale price)

The ROWA CompAC is available PHP 12,595 (from PHP 13,995), the shipping fee is FREE on its flagship store in Lazada. The flash sale runs from May 15-16, 2021, as mentioned.

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Source: ROWA
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