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Wowowin-inspired mobile game "Wil to Play" is coming soon on Android devices!

Under the Perya Perya gaming platform, Big Crunch Digital has announced that it is developing games for an upcoming mobile game Wil To Play.
Wil to Play is currently being tested by 2,000 select players

A game show through an app

Wil To Play is dubbed as the expansion of the TV Show hosted by Willie Revillame, Wowowin. According to the game developers, the app is strongly integrated with the game show counterpart. Aside from that, it will enable the players to win prizes like gadgets, food items, and others even they are not present in the TV studio.

During a quick panel interview, Willie Revillame said that Wil To Play is like a 24-hour giving service that is designed to fulfill the dreams of less fortunate people. He added,

That's why they thought of getting me to extend or to give hope to Filipino people especially the less fortunate people. You play and you win, that's it. You don't have to go to GMA. You just have to stay in your home. Wherever you are in the world, you can play Wil2Play.

Managing Director for Big Crunch Digital Jackie Chua stressed out that their company has always targeted to develop a highly disruptive mass-market mobile entertainment offering for southeast Asia.

Moreover, Chua said that with Wil to Play and other currently-developing mobile gaming platforms, they achieved distribution to more than 10 million users within 2021. They are expecting the numbers to shoot up exponentially in the coming years.
Five mini-games in the app
Five mini-games in the app

On the FAQs section of Wil To Play's website, it is pointed that the game testers can play not one, but a set of five mini-games. They already sent an invite for 2,000 game testers so those who failed to register will have to wait for the official launch.

The select game testers can now earn raffle tickets from playing the mini-games. To join the raffle, they will have to subscribe first using the code sent to their emails. After that, they can submit the raffle tickets to get a chance to win real-life prizes.

Wil to Play is expected to have an open beta release in June 2021.

To learn more about Wil to Play, please visit its official website.

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