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Apple's Siri is coming to third-party devices with latest HomeKit update

Apple just announced that third-party devices would be able to take advantage of Siri as part of an update to the company's HomeKid system.
Apple's Siri is coming to third-party devices with latest HomeKit update
Apple introduces Siri to third party devices

Siri for third-party devices!

During its WWDC keynote, the Cupertino giant revealed the arrival of Siri to its third-party devices.

HomeKit accessory makers can now integrate Siri voice control into their products beginning later this year. The launch of Homekit’s latest update will come with the release of iOS 15, to expand the Siri-powered smart home beyond its current limits.

Apple did not disclose yet the entire list of devices and brands that will support the voice assistant. It just demonstrated it on an Ecobee thermostat. Aside from this, it announced support for Matter, a new interoperability standard that works with Amazon, Google, and Samsung.

The voice assistant will be routed through a HomePod if the devices are connected to your network. In addition to this, Apple adds another service called iCloud Plus. It will provide improved storage for all connected devices. It even features unlimited storage for HomeKit-enabled cameras.

Prior to this update, users were required to pay for at least 200GB of cloud storage to record video from a single camera. But with the launch of iCloud Plus, it will be much easier to store footage and connect multiple cameras.
Home Keys feature
Home Keys feature

Apple also introduced some smart home features like Home Keys and new developments for its existing HomeKit devices. HomeKeys will let users remotely lock and unlock doors. They just have to tap the Wallet app on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, the HomePod Mini is going to have lossless audio support in Apple Music this 2021. It will be able to function as a speaker for the Apple TV 4K and users can use voice commands to play media using Siri. Additionally, SharePlay is now compatible with Apple TV to enable users to watch shows with friends over FaceTime.

Moreover, you can now use Apple Watch for HomePod's intercom feature. Basically, it will allow you to speak to HomeKit-enabled doorbells and access package detection from your wrist. In addition to this, you can navigate nearby HomeKit accessories in the camera view.

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Source: Apple, Via: The Verge

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