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Cherry Pet's 5 tips to spoil your Fur-mily

Our Fur-family is a big part of getting through the pandemic. Cherry Pet curated 5 tips on how we can spoil our fur babies and make them feel loved.
Cherry Pet's 5 tips to spoil your Fur-mily
Get these Cherry Pet products for your fur-babies

Cherry Pet: 5 tips to spoil your Fur-mily

The Cherry Pet products are smart and safe
The Cherry Pet products are smart and safe

1. Give some baked delights - Months of staying indoors have undeniably brought out the culinary aptitude of almost everyone. How about you bake some amazing goodies for your fur-mily. Try making some peanut butter cookies or the quick and easy sweet potato fries.

2. Frozen treats to beat the heat - The heat in the Philippines gets to unbearable heights during the dry season. Fortunately, you can beat the heat with some frozen treats. You may opt for homemade popsicles to make sure that your pet stays away from harmful ingredients. Some ingredients you can easily find at home and throw in the freezer are the ever-popular peanut butter and mashed banana.

3. Pamper your baby - Just like us, our fur-mily needs to be pampered from time to time. Bring them to your local pet salon and get their fur and nails done. For an extra delight to finish off an indulgent day out, you may treat them to a relaxing massage.

4. New toy for new joy - Some fur babies enjoy nibbling or scratching the most random stuff at home but this surely shouldn’t stop you from getting them a new toy. Who knows, they may find a new best friend in the form of a dinosaur plushie or never let go of your newly purchased tennis ball.

5. Fur-mily with Smart Living - As our fur family includes our valued pets, it is only fair to also include them in your smart home transformation. With the Cherry Pet Smart Feeder, you can schedule mealtime for your dogs and felines. You can see them and talk to them with this device's two-way audio control with photo and video capture.

Meanwhile, the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain has a three-stage filtration system to ensure that your furball only drinks potable water, especially after chowing.

Price and availability

Cherry Pet Smart Pet Feeder - PHP 4,400
Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain - PHP 4,400

You can get it via the online Cherry Shop at this link.

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