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OneOdio Pro 10 Review - Affordable DJ headphones with great looks and pro-like drivers!

DJ headphones fall into a special category of audio equipment. For a pair of headphones to be classified as "DJ", these need to possess a specific feature set. In no particular order, these are: Build Quality & Durability, Comfort, Cabling, Looks, and Sound.
OneOdio Pro 10 Review - Affordable DJ headphones with great looks and pro-like drivers!
The budget DJ headphones to get?

We'll evaluate the OneOdio Pro-10P based on these criteria. Before we do that, let's unbox the headphones first.


The packaging
The packaging

The Pro 10's come in a small sturdy square box. What stands out in the packaging is a gold-foil decal inviting the new owner to register online for a 24-month extended warranty.
The cables included
The cables included

From a consumer perspective, I like how OneOdio put the warranty upfront instead of burying your consumer rights on the inside back cover of the user's manual. DJ headphones are prone to more wear and abuse than other headphones. So, this warranty is a huge plus. It’s also an indication of how confident OneOdio is in the durability of the Pro 10. 
Paper docs
Paper docs

Inside the box are your headphones, a user manual, 2 cables, and a nylon storage bag that opens and closes via a drawstring. Props to OneOdio for including a storage bag.
Carrying pouch
Carrying pouch

The bag is fairly thick and looks durable enough to protect your headphones during transport and storage.

Build Quality/Design

DJ-style build and design
DJ-style build and design

One unique feature of DJ headphones is the earcups should twist or pivot at the headband and on the earcup brackets.

The Pro-10P gives you the flexibility to do both and lets you monitor your mix just by using one side of the headphones while the other hand is free to make adjustments on your mixer.

This feature is called Single-Side Monitoring. Visually, the padded headband and thick plastic hinge on the Pro-10P project a sturdy build. They are hefty to the touch too.

I liked that the locking mechanisms where the headband meets the adjustment sliders are screwed into place.

So, whether you deploy the Pro 10P over your head, around your neck, or single side, these headphones should be up to the task.

The image of a DJ with one hand working a mixer while the other hand holds the headphones over the ear is a mandatory DJ pose. The Pro-10P will let you do this in style! Perhaps more importantly, you're going to look sic while DJing especially if you get the Rose Gold color—which is the review unit that we got.

According to the One Odio website, the Pro 10P is available in Black, Black Red, Blue, Grey, Pink, and Purple. For a unique and uniform look, the supplied cables are color-matched to the headphones. Whether twisted, single-sided, worn over-the-head, or around the neck, the Pro 10P effects a modern and lively image.
Retractable design
Retractable design

DJs usually bring their own pair of headphones to a gig. So, DJ headphones that fold will greatly minimize damage during transport. On the Pro 10P, the rotating ear cups and headband easily folds for transport. Further compressing the flexible headband also lets you achieve a smaller footprint. The 90-degree pivoting earcups also allow the Pro 10P’s to lay flat. Personally, I find this a better option for safe transport.

Designed for DJs!

Like all true DJ headphones, the Pro 10P is a single cable design. There is a logic to this—a single cable is less prone to cable tangling and more importantly minimizes the chances of the cable getting snagged on your DJ equipment or worse on the adult beverage that you prefer to imbibe while DJing!

One Odio gives the Pro 10P additional flexibility by making the cable detachable. The Pro 10Ps accept a 3.5mm plug on the right earcup and a 6.35mm plug on the left—more on this distinct feature in a bit. One Odio even made the effort to design both headphone sockets recessed so that it does not intrude into the form factor of the headphones. A detachable cable design gives you the option to upgrade cables if you so wish.

For even added value, you will receive 2 cables with the Pro 10P. The first is your main DJ cable. At 2 meters long it is partially coiled (it extends to a full 3m when uncoiled) and terminated with a 6.35mm plug. You can easily use the headphones with pro or prosumer audio equipment where a 6.35mm socket is the standard. The second cable is a straight 1.2-meter long cable terminated with a 3.5mm plug plus an inline microphone/remote control module.

The Pro 10P employs two headphone sockets for its Adapter-Free implementation. DJs usually use whatever audio gear has been set up at a venue or club. These can be modern, traditional, or a mix of both. By using the supplied cables, the Pro 10Ps Adapter-Free design will not limit DJs to a singular plug size and eliminates the need to bring plug adapters – which are prone to breakage and getting misplaced.

Clearly, One Odio put a lot of brain cells into motion when they were designing the Pro 10P. They have given us a multi-use headphone compatible with both modern devices and traditional equipment. With driver impedance at an easy-to-power 32 ohms and the adapter-free implementation, you will have no issues employing the Pro 10P with a ton of audio gear and devices.


Decent cups!
Decent cups!

One Odio clearly understands the value of comfort in DJ headphones.

This is why they equipped the Pro 10P with thick yet firm padding on the headband and on the rotating earcups. I'd like to single out the thick padding on the earcups because a DJ doing single-sided monitoring will press down on the earcups to isolate and hear his mix better.
The padding is not only thick but is soft enough so that it comfortably conforms to the side of your skull. I even tried on-the-fly, hands-free single-side monitoring by using my left shoulder to press the earcups against my ear. The combined thickness of the padding and the earcups will let you do this comfortably.

When worn over the head, the Pro 10Ps padding and rotating ear cups provide excellent comfort since they can easily conform to the contours of your head. Once you make the adjustments to get the right and proper fit, the earcup size and padding will give you more than enough isolation to let you focus on your music and on your set.


Tight bass with crisp highs
Tight bass with crisp highs

DJ headphones are not meant for accuracy across the whole sound spectrum. They don’t need to be balanced and analytical. Instead what you need is a slightly elevated and yet tight bass with crisp highs. This is exactly what you get with the Pro-10P.

Tight bass with crisp highs!

With this tuning, I went straight to Spotify and streamed two live recordings that I adore. First was The Clash's 1982 concert "Live at Shea Stadium". The 1-2 punch of opening tracks: "London Calling" and "Police On My Back" were particularly rousing and passionate on the Pro 10P. Next up was Iron Maiden’s "Live After Death". As expected, the sound was powerful and bold.

To test if the Pro 10P is capable of coherency, I listened to the same two albums on FLAC from my Mac. Decoded and amplified by my RME-ADI2 DAC and headphone amplifier. On this combination, "London Calling" sounded more urgent and apocalyptic. For Iron Maiden, the Pro 10P easily accentuated what was an already razor sharp and blistering live set–especially on the epic “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. I particularly liked how the twin guitar leads had this serrated quality to them.

For added diversity, I zeroed in on slower, ambient tunes while listening on low volume. I chose the dark-jazz German band, Bohren & der Club of Gore. [Yes, there is such a band and they are amazing!] The Pro 10Ps propensity for prioritizing "weight" in its audio presentation made for a weirdly wonderful but doomy sonic landscape. On slower tracks, the bass is not as tight but retained its presence and conveyed a respectable amount of fluency.

Overall, the Pro 10Ps did not disappoint. In particular, the bass is weighty, quick, and tight. Guitars, cymbals, and high-hat crashes are razor-sharp, equally rapid but not harsh. This is great for long-term listening as the sound is not fatiguing. Again, this specific sound signature is by design and intentional since these are DJ headphones.

Credit should be given to OneOdio’s sound engineers for creating easy-to-drive headphones using 50mm neodymium drivers at an affordable price. It would be worthwhile to mention that neodymium drivers are usually employed in professional-grade equipment for better sound and long-term durability.

In short, OneOdio is giving us a headphone with high-end drivers at an affordable price.

I hope OneOdio manufactures a similarly affordable non-DJ version with the same drivers and tuning but with better instrument separation and a larger soundstage.

OneOdio Pro 10 Specs

Drivers: 50mm Neodymium Drivers
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Connectivity: 2 cables with 3.5mm and 6.3mm jacks
Others: Single-Side Monitoring, Foldable, Adapter-Free Design, Closed-Back Design
Price: PHP 2,000 (PHP 1,040 promo price)


OneOdio's Pro 10s are legit DJ headphones with the added value as daily headphones for those who prefer the comfort and sound of over-the-ear headphones.

Non-DJs should also consider the Pro 10s. The fun, contemporary tuning and multi-device compatibility will work well with gaming, watching videos and movies, and of course all-around audio listening.

We would also recommend the headphones for non-analytical audio-video editing. A multi-use device at this price point with bangin’ drivers is simply tough to beat.

OneOdio Pro 10 is available at Juan Gadget with an SRP of PHP 2,000. But, it currently has a promo price of PHP 1,040 only. You may check this link to check other OneOdio devices as well.

Build/Design - 4.5
Comfort/Isolation - 4
Features - 4.5
Sound - 4.3
Average - 4.3/5

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