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vivo and National Geographic launches the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021

vivo teamed up with National Geographic to launch the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021. Registration is now open for interested participants.
vivo and National Geographic launches the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021
vivo X60 is a great companion for the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards

vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021

The competition is open to professionals, enthusiasts, and amateurs
The competition is open to professionals, enthusiasts, and amateurs

vivo has been working with its industry partners such as ZEISS and National Geographic to develop a mobile photography ecosystem through the VISION+ Project. The campaign aims to encourage the joint creation of beautiful images, public education, and the exploration of aesthetics.

The VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards is a key part of the project. This aims to promote mobile photography as a viable outlet for creativity. The competition serves as a platform for global conversations surrounding mobile photography with professionals, enthusiasts, and mobile phone users. The VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards originally launched in 2020. It received more than 135,000 mobile photography submissions and presented 38 awards to finalists. Participants came from 9 countries and regions including China, UK, France, Spain, and Russia.
Panel of judges
Panel of judges

This year, the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards will feature respected, professional judging that includes Martin Parr, Jonas Bendiksen, Xiao Quan, Portrait Photographer, Laura Serani, Bertram Hoenlinger, and Michail George.

Aside from the impressive roster of judges, this year’s VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards will introduce more categories across three groups that include the Open Group, Youth Group, and a new Professional Group. 

The Professional Group includes three categories: News, Creative and Documentary Projects,
encouraging professional photographers to interpret and express their feelings on modern culture, social trends and the defining moments of the year. The Open and Youth Groups emphasize the beauty of daily life, human emotions and memories. 

The Open Group includes six categories namely Portraits, Night, Sports, Nature, Life, and Places. The Youth Group is a Special Feature that focuses on the subject of Surroundings.

The competition will feature 33 awards across all categories and winners will receive awards and creative support from vivo. 

Apart from general awards such as cash prizes, smartphones, and certificates, vivo will also collaborate with industry partners to provide winners with opportunities in commercial photography, urban outdoor exhibitions, and the publication of photographic works.

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