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"Ang Ospital" Filipino Horror game by students from Caloocan

A Filipino horror game is in the works by a couple of students from Caloocan City.
"Ang Ospital" Filipino Horror game by students from Caloocan
"Ang Ospital"

Filipino Horror game!

The students established a name called Underdog Games and created "Ang Ospital". It is the product of their thesis project at the University of Caloocan under the Computer Studies department. 

"Ang Ospital" is a survival video game that became popular on Reddit and Facebook. Players on the Reddit thread likened it to"Outlast", a game in which a freelance journalist uncovers the horrors of an abandoned hospital. But, to be honest, it also depicts an observation regarding the current situation of public psychiatric hospitals in the country.

So in the world of the horror game, the timeline is set in the 1920s at the Bridgerough National Institue for Mental Health in Baguio, the aim is to help patients with Mental disorders.

However, the institution closed in 1979 after media claims of patient abuse and neglect surfaced. The game's trailer shows that it addresses child abuse, medical misconduct, and other similar issues.

Only 700 psychiatrists and a thousand psychiatric nurses are available in the country, according to MIMS Today. The government's mental health budget is also not particularly large.

The funds set aside for mental health is a pittance-just five percent of the health department’s total annual budget, they explain. Although there are mental health care facilities—both public and private—in the country, these are scant and poorly linked. The majority, however, are still within the National Capital Region, making accessibility a challenge for those in faraway places.

The underlying nightmare fuel of the game is these true horror stories about how the Philippines handles mental health. But if works like these can highlight how essential mental health is, then "Ang Ospital" is performing exactly the right thing. 

The horror game is still on beta-testing based on its website. Below is the trailer for the video game, keep in mind it is quite disturbing though.

Source: Underdog Games Via; SCOUT Magazine 

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