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Meralco's BulacanSol project is a key milestone for its sustainability efforts

Meralco along with its subsidiary, MGen, achieved a sustainability milestone with BulacanSol. It is part of MGen's goal to have renewable energy.
Meralco's BulacanSol project is a key milestone for its sustainability efforts
Meralco's BulacanSol solar farms aims to supply Luzon grid

BulacanSol is Meralco's key milestone in its renewable energy portfolio

Meralco first announced its policy to go greener and adopt sustainable practices. In May, the company announced its biggest project to date in tapping renewable energy sources with the BulacanSol solar farm.

BulacanSol is an array of photovoltaic panels in a 72-hectare property in San Miguel, Bulacan. It is now capable of harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity that would be sufficient to service the needs of several towns in the province. However, BulacanSol's goal is now to just power Bulacan as a province but to contribute power to Luzon.

It was able to start delivering around 50 megawatts to the Luzon Grid in the middle of May. This may be a few months off schedule due to work delays caused by weather disturbances and lockdowns but can still be considered a huge success.

MGen called BulacanSol a very important milestone in the company's goals to build its renewable energy portfolio of up to 1,500 megawatts in five to seven years. Meralco also claims that renewable sources such as solar and wind should total 3,000 megawatts in the company’s energy mix in five to seven years.

Meralco also pushes for wider use of electric vehicles with plans of installing more vehicle recharging stations. It has also introduced net metering to encourage customers to invest in generating their own power and is using more widely plant-based ester oil as insulating fluid for its tens of thousands of distribution transformers to make them more efficient, extend their service life, and ensure easier disposal without hurting the environment.

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