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PLDT Home launched all-new Fibr plans with up to 1000 Mbps and Mesh system

PLDT has released an all-new Fibr Plans with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.
PLDT Home launched all-new Fibr plans with up to 1000 Mbps and Mesh system
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Bigger, better, faster plans and WiFi mesh system

Subscribers for the PLDT Home will be able to enjoy a better internet experience as the new Fibr plans now include a WiFi mesh network. This new type of network is meant to eliminate dead spots at your home allowing an uninterrupted digital experience. 

It makes use of smart home technology that allows devices to detect and connect to the quickest router in less than a second, regardless of whether the user is moving from one room to the next.
Fiber Plus plan
Fiber Plus plan

This also means that users will be able to take advantage of Fibr plans with speeds up to 1000Mbps because having better signals means faster internet on each device at home.
Fibr Unli plan
Fibr Unli plan

PLDT Home members may stay connected at home with the new Fibr Plus plans, which come in a variety of speeds to accommodate the demands of any user at home. To those with existing PLDT Home customers who upgrade to the new Fibr plans will receive free installation and modem fees.

FIBR PLUS PLAN pricelist (With 3 WiFi mesh units):

FIBR PLUS PLAN 2399 (50Mbps) - PHP 2,399
FIBR PLUS PLAN 2999 (100Mbps) - PHP 2,999
FIBR PLUS PLAN 4099 (200Mbps) - PHP 4,099
FIBR PLUS PLAN 6099 (600Mbps) - PHP 6,099
FIBR PLUS PLAN 9999 (1000Mbps) with 5 mesh units - PHP 9,999

FIBR UNLI PLAN pricelist:

FIBR UNLI PLAN 2099 (50Mbps) - PHP 2,099
FIBR UNLI PLAN 2699 (100Mbps) - PHP 2,699
FIBR UNLI PLAN 3799 (200Mbps) - PHP 3,799
FIBR UNLI PLAN 5799 (600Mbps) - PHP 6,799
FIBR UNLI PLAN 9499 (1000Mbps) - PHP 9,499

All plans mentioned above include a landline.

With these new internet plans from PLDT, customers will be able to enjoy a better overall internet experience.

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