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Valorant Mobile may arrive on Southeast Asia region first

Valorant mobile could be launching first in the SEA region according to Riot's General Manager Justin Hulog.
mobile version
Mobile version

SEA region will get it first?

Justin spoke with ONE Esports about how likely the mobile version would be arriving in Southeast Asia, as well as how far one of the hottest pc shooting games today has progressed since its launch.

In many ways, it does make sense to potentially go out in Southeast Asia first, But there are also unique challenges and very high expectations for how a game should perform on mobile. That could mean that we may look at other regions that are less demanding first. Valorant Mobile is going to have a really big focus in Southeast Asia just because of the fact that it is a mobile-first region.

He also said that whether it comes first is a decision that needed to think through as there are also advantages in not going first which gives them time to work things out for the bugs on the game.

Going back with the achievements of the game, Justin has listed the sheer number of players who explored Valorant and became attached to its agents. Valorant fans also invested in the story's overall plot.

Our most recent milestone is hitting the one-year anniversary, and getting to a point where we have a large and stable player base, said Hulong. We've seen 14 million active PC players and half a billion games played in the first year.

Valorant Mobile can easily attract more mobile gamers due to the platform's easier accessibility.
Touch controls
Touch controls

The General Manager also said that during the launch of the PC version he wasn't sure how responsive the region will be. That's why he said that the X10 Esports participation in the VCT stage 2 Masters Rejkjavik is another accomplishment. He mentioned that the viewership the company has seen is promising which is enough to make him think about the bigger investment they can do in the Esports within the region.

The launching of Valorant Mobile in Southeast Asia would bring in a completely new esports environment to the region.

Riot Games' dedication to improving the Southeast Asian mobile gaming market has already been demonstrated through the Summer Season of the SEA Icon Series and the 2021 Summer Super Cup for Wild Rift.

Source: ONE Esports
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