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Alleged specs and features of Nokia X60 leaked, to have HarmonyOS and 200MP camera?

Some rumored specs of the Nokia X60 surfaced through some leaks. Leaks revealed camera, battery, and display specs as well as having HarmonyOS.
Alleged specs and features of Nokia X60 leaked, to have HarmonyOS and 200MP camera?
File photo: Nokia 3.4

Huawei's HarmonyOS on Nokia smartphones?

Will more Nokia smartphones have HarmonyOS?
Will more Nokia smartphones have HarmonyOS?

We all know that Huawei created HarmonyOS after it was banned from using Google Services. Skeptics said it might fail due to the established mobile OS giants in Android and Apple.

On the contrary, HarmonyOS gained popularity in China. It reached a point of popularity that even other Chinese phone manufacturers consider using it on their future smartphones.

According to rumors, Nokia is one of the bigger brands to delve into the idea of using HarmonyOS. It is rumored to be powering the upcoming Nokia X60 series.

This is a big shocker since Nokia is known for its close-to-stock Android experience. HMD Global may be opening its doors to diversity in terms of OS options to avoid Nokia's past blunders namely its exclusively Windows OS smartphones.

In terms of leaked specs, the Nokia X60 series seems to be comprised of a base and Pro variants. The X60 series is rumored to have a HUGE 200MP main camera sensor, curved display, and a 6,000mAh battery. The 200MP sensor, if real, will trump the 108MP sensors existing in the market today.

However, these are just leaks and rumors. Take this information with a grain of salt as details may change as we get closer to the launch of the Nokia X60 series. If true, Nokia devices with HarmonyOS can be a big step for Huawei's OS hitting the mainstream market outside of their proprietary devices.

What do you guys think?

Source: ITHome, Via: GizChina
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