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Huawei officially denied talks with Nokia to use Harmony OS

Rumors have finally come to an end as Huawei denies ongoing talks with Nokia about using Harmony OS on their upcoming smartphones.
No Harmony OS on Nokia
No Harmony OS on Nokia

False alarm!

According to a report by Global Times on Twitter last June 30, "Huawei has denied media reports saying that Nokia’s new handsets will use its Harmony OS and said the news is false."

In case you did not know, rumors have surfaced earlier that the upcoming Nokie X60 Pro will be acquiring Huawei's Harmony OS. The same rumor has also mentioned information like a 200MP rear camera, 6,000mAh battery or 144Hz display will be packed in the said device.

On the other hand, Nokia has also released a statement:

We know that our users like Nokia phones with Android operating systems, and our commitment to providing the best Android experience remains unwavering.

If this event had happened, it is going to be a big change for the company since Nokia is known for its close-to-stock Android experience.

Source: Global Times

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