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vivo patents a smartphone with a detachable drone-like flying camera module

vivo has reportedly filed a patent for a smartphone with a unique feature—a detachable drone-like camera module.
The sketch

A smartphone with a detachable flying camera?

The patent was filed last December 2020 at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) with the title "Electronic device" for vivo Mobile Communication.

The sketch showed a smartphone with a compartment on top where the detachable camera can slide in or out. As shown, it features a dual-camera setup with 3x infrared sensors o calculate distance and avoid a collision. It also has a quad-propeller setup and a built-in battery to make it fly.

One of the sensors can be used to take the front aerial view while the other one is used to capture footage below. The patent also noted that aside from the first two cameras, a third and fourth camera can also be added.

Obviously, the camera can be controlled by the smartphone. It is likely to have air gesture support too.

Since this is still a patent, we are unsure if vivo will turn it into an actual device and if they will launch it as an actual consumer product.

But, if there is one brand that can make this happen—it is vivo. vivo is known for plenty of mobile phone innovations like the In-Display fingerprint scanner, pop-up camera, and gimbal stabilization camera.

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