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List of recent innovations Vivo championed

Aside from making stylish photography and music-centric phones, Vivo is brand that is not afraid to pioneer innovative solutions for future smartphones.
List of recent innovations Vivo championed
Vivo's APEX 2019

In fact, Vivo is relentless innovator. The Chinese tech company either introduced or championed some of those features we see in most modern smartphones.

Let's take a look at some of them.

List of recent innovations Vivo championed

Vivo V11 with In-Display fingerprint reader
Vivo V11 with In-Display fingerprint reader

1. In-Display fingerprint scanner - Vivo first introduced the In-Display fingerprint scanning solution to replace the rear fingerprint sensor last January 2018. It also allowed those who wants a phone with near full screen design have a fingerprint scanner in front.

This tech debuted to a phone dubbed as Vivo X21 in March 2018.

By the way, the Vivo X21 is also one of the few with AK4376A HiFi audio chipset enhanced with Deep Field technology to provide panoramic sound.

Fast-forward in June 2019, even mid-range phones are equipped with an In-Display fingerprint scanner.
Full screen display of Vivo V15 Pro
Full screen display of Vivo V15 Pro

2. Notchless bezel-less screen with pop-up camera - Vivo first introduced the APEX concept phone in Feb 2018. It is the world's first phone with a notchless full screen design. Vivo made that possible by hiding a pop-up selfie camera on top of the phone.

It resulted to devices with massive screen-to-body ratio, more screen real estate, tiny bezels, and smaller form factor despite larger screens. Vivo also introduced the SoundCasting technology that transforms the APEX's entire display into a speaker.

Vivo even now has a mid-range phone priced at PHP 15,999 with an all screen design, the Vivo V15.
32MP of Vivo V15 Pro
32MP of Vivo V15 Pro

3. 32MP selfie camera - Vivo is not the one who made this camera sensor. It is Samsung. But, Vivo is the one who first launched a phone with Samsung's 32MP front camera that shoots highly detailed selfies.

It debuted with the Vivo V15 series with 32MP elevating selfie cameras.

Basically, it popularized the use of that sensor that is now found with several phones. 
Super FlashCharge 120W
Super FlashCharge 120W

4. 120W Super Flash Charge - Just a few days back, Vivo wowed the world when the company introduced the first 120W fast charger for mobile phones. 

Vivo claims that it can charge a device with 4,000mAh battery in just 13 minutes. The company also said that it can charge the same battery capacity up to 50 percent in just 5 minutes.

It is way faster than the current 50W SuperVOOC solution of OPPO and Huawei Mate X's 55W SuperCharge.

In comparison, the stock charger of the iPhone XS is rated at 5W only.

Faster charging speeds will simply allow you to do more.
Back of APEX 2019
Back of APEX 2019

5. The buttonless and portless phone - Sounds weird right? But, this could be the future of design of mobile phones. Recently, Vivo introduced the Vivo APEX 2019, a 5G concept phone with all screen display with a curved glass back without ports and physical buttons!

Vivo made that possible by using a combination of capacitive touch and pressure-sensing technology to replace the usual power button and volume keys and achieve a seamless design and holeless design.

It also has the MagPort technology, a magnetic connector at the back for charging and data transfer. Its display also works as a speaker with the use of piezoelectric transducer to emit sound. This device uses the eSIM to replace traditional SIM cards.

Meizu Zero is the first phone with this type of design, but they just announced it one day ahead of Vivo.

One possible benefit of this type of phone is it won't let water and dust enter the phone.

That's it! Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments.
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