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FIFINE T669 Studio Condenser USB Microphone Review - Bang-for-the-buck mic for video calls and gamers

FIFINE is one of the most popular and affordable microphones on Amazon and it has finally arrived in the Philippines thru Juan Gadget.
FIFINE T669 Studio Condenser USB Microphone Review - Bang for the buck Mic for Vid calls and gamers
Users get so many accessories!

It is known for its great audio quality for the price and a large number of accessories. One of them is the FIFINE T669 Studio Condenser USB Microphone.

Let's see how it fared after a few weeks of usage.



It comes in a brown box with the FIFINE brand printed on top.
Inside the box
Inside the box

Inside the box is a soft but impact-resistant material that carries the microphone and accessories. These include the FIFINE T669 itself, microphone cover, USB Type-B to Type-A cable, Shock Mount, Tripod, Boom Arm, and Clamp.
Other inclusions
Other inclusions

The box also includes the Pop filter with arm and clamp, documentation, and extra shock mount wires.

Build Quality/Design

FIFINE Microphone with cover
FIFINE Microphone with cover

The external part of the microphone is made of metal. It is sturdy, solid with an assuring weight to it. While the mounting head is made of a black carbonate body with a matte texture and metal screws.

The included microphone cover fits snugly into the microphone but may be thin for most people. 
Boom Arm
Boom Arm
Clamped down
Clamped down

The included boom arm is made of metal that makes it solid and surprisingly lightweight. While the desk clamp is made of a combination of polycarbonate and metal. The main C-shaped body is made of polycarbonate while the locking mechanism is made of metal.
Shock mount included
Shock mount included

The included shock mount body is made of polycarbonate while the shock-absorbing wire is made of soft synthetic material. The amount of vibration the microphone picks up is reduced but not by much. It helps and it adds value to the kit. Professionals may need a better shock mount.
Tripod included
Tripod included

The package includes a tabletop tripod. The body that connects to the microphone is made of the same polycarbonate material while the legs are made of metal. At the far end of each metal, the leg is polycarbonate feet that keep the tripod in place.

Premium-looking materials!

Lastly, the Pop Filter, arm, and clamp are made of metal.


All setup!
All setup!

When set up, the microphone is connected to and powered by your computer thru the USB Type-B to Type-A port.

Users can increase the microphone volume thru the know on the front side of the microphone body. Unfortunately, if you are using the shock mount, the knob is hidden in between the gaps of the shock mount. The volume knob is not obscured when using the tripod or when attached to the boom arm without the shock mount.

The included boom arm can be locked at all the critical segments which allow the user to customize the angle and position of the microphone according to the user's individual needs at the desk.


Recording audio thru Audacity
Recording audio thru Audacity

The microphone is plug and play and after plugging it into our PC, Windows and macOS automatically detect the device as a microphone. It then appears as a microphone that can be selected and used at various audio settings and apps that can use a microphone.

Incredible audio recording quality for the price!

We recorded a 1-minute track of pure vocals thru Audacity that we embedded below.

We recorded the audio in an untreated room with solid concrete and wooden surfaces with an Air-conditioner and electric fun running in the background.

Upon listening to the audio sample, my voice is crisp and well isolated. The background noise from the air conditioner and electric fan could not be heard. It does pick up keyboard noises when the mic is near as well.

Users have to keep the microphone near their mouth to pick up the audio because even moving the mouth away by one foot, the volume dramatically drops. This can be noticed in the audio sample as there was a part of the recording when the volume drops.

Overall, the audio quality from the FIFINE T669 is incredible for the price.

Pros - Solid build quality, a ton of accessories included in the box, great recording audio quality for the price
Cons - Shock mount hides volume knob, shock mount reduces very little vibrations

FIFINE T669 Specs

Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
Sensitivity: -34+-30 percent at 1KHz
Signal to Noise ratio: 78dB
Power supply: 5V USB power
Connectivity: USB-Type B (on Mic), USB Type-B to Type-A cable
Others: IPX5 water splash resistance, touch control, Ambient Mode, Google Assistant, USB-C, Colors: Black
Dimensions: 41.91 x 24.4 x 7.59 inches
Weight: 698.5 grams
Price: PHP 2,920


For PHP 2,920, the FIFINE T669 Studio Condenser USB Microphone is an incredible value because of the audio recording performance, build quality and materials, and a large number of inclusions in the box.

What makes this great is that most of the items in the box are usually sold separately when sold by a different brand. 

The incredible audio quality makes it perfect for people who are looking to significantly improve the audio quality for video calls or for voiceovers at a super affordable price.

Unboxing/Accessories - 4.5
Build/Design - 4.5
Features - 4.5
Sound - 4.5
Average - 4.5/5

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