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The Method Research: Globe is the favorite telco in the Philippines (August 2021)

The results of a pulse poll from The Method Research indicate that Globe is the favorite telecom provider here in the Philippines.
Globe emerged as the favorite telco in the PH as of August 2021!
File photo: Globe logo

4 out of 10 Filipinos answered Globe as their favorite telco

An international market research firm conducted a survey recently regarding local telecommunications providers. Method Research specializes in primary market research with a focus on digital surveys. It provides valuable insights into some of the world’s best brands and institutions.

In this poll, the firm included factors such as respondents' favorite consumer brands, spending behavior, media consumption, and their perception of the country’s current situation. 

The firm said that the study covered  Filipinos 18 years old and above. Around 65.4 percent of the respondents were female, and 34.6 percent were male. For geographic distribution, 51.1 percent were from Luzon, 28.4 percent were coming from Mindanao, and 20.5 percent were from the Visayas.

The August 2021 pulse poll showed almost 4 out of 10 Filipinos, or 36.1 percent of the respondents chose Globe as their favorite telco nationwide. Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu responded, 

We are happy that customers are choosing us over the competition. We have always placed superior customer service as a high priority in the way we do business. In addition, we make sure that we are grounded on our customers' needs especially at this time.  In everything that we bring to the market, we want to enhance our customers' lives and empower them with digital solutions.

Smart followed by scoring 22.5 percent, TNT with 13.5 percent, PLDT with 12.6 percent, and DITO with 4.2 percent.

According to the research, Globe was also the most approved telco in Luzon with 38.4 percent. Meanwhile, 36.9 percent of the respondent chosen the company from the Visayas and 31.3 percent from those living in Mindanao.

To recap, Globe is continuing to improve its network services. In 2021 alone, its capex was set at PHP 76 billion. About 88 percent of the capex went to data network builds.

To learn how to switch to Globe without the need of changing your old mobile number, click here.

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