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Globe, Converge ICT, and SKY tops Netflix ISP Speed Index for August 2021

Globe at Home announced that it retained the top spot in the Netflix ISP Speed Index for August. It also ranked first in previous months as well.
Globe at Home comes out tied in 1st place in Netflix ISP Speed Index for August
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Globe at Home tied as #1 in Netflix ISP Speed Index

The Netflix ISP Speed Index for August 2021
The Netflix ISP Speed Index for August 2021

This has been the seventh time that Globe at Home topped the rankings. It previously held the top rank in January, February, April, May, June, and July. It scored 3.2 in the index which was good enough to be tied for number 1. The other two ISPs tied for first are Converge ICT Solution and SkyCable. PLDT came in second with a score of 3.0 while Royal Cable came in third with a score of 2.6.

Netflix determines the monthly rankings by calculating an ISP’s performance in primetime streaming sessions based on the maximum bitrate set by combining resolution, streaming device, and encode recipe. The better a network is, the closer a session will be to reaching this maximum possible bitrate.

Due to the increasing demand for connectivity, Globe has revised its capital expenditure allocation for 2021. The company increases its budget from PHP 70 billion to PHP 76 billion. This budget is said to be mainly for network builds to include the target to lay down million fiber-to-the-home lines and deliver faster and more reliable internet connectivity.

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