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Globe's digital services to help Bacoor's COVID-19 fight

Globe Telecom has partnered with the city government of Bacoor to provide internet connectivity and vaccination alerts amid the latter's rising Coronavirus cases.
Globe's digital services to help Bacoor's COVID-19 fight
Globe equips Bacoor with digital services

Globe, Bacoor team up to keep residents informed and connected

To assist in Bacoor's COVID-19 efforts, Globe Lab's SMS API enables the automated sending of targeted vaccination alerts to the constituents.

This partnership with the City Government of Bacoor is in line with Globe’s commitment to spearhead the country’s digital transformation and enable a more resilient future. We have continuously moved forward with our efforts despite the global health crisis, enabling many communities, businesses and individuals to cope with the effects of the pandemic, Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe chief commercial officer, said in a statement.

The telco said it also deployed its GoWiFi service to Bacoor City Hall to help officials be connected to day-to-day operations.

GoWiFi is the company's public free WiFi service that is accessible in over 3,100 locations nationwide such as hospitals, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, transportation hubs, and more. It is available to all users regardless of their network provider.

Its KonekTayo WiFi, meanwhile, has been made available to residents living in Ciudad de Strike. This aims to provide households with low-cost internet with speeds of up to 20 Mbps.
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