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HONOR MagicBook V 14 is one of the world's first laptops pre-installed with Windows 11

With HONOR and Microsoft's recent partnership, the upcoming MagicBook will be one of the world's first laptops with pre-installed Windows 11.
HONOR MagicBook V 14 is one of the world's first laptops pre-installed with Windows 11
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First Windows 11 laptop with improved AI!

HONOR will unveil its MagicBook V 14 at the upcoming HONOR Smart Life Product Launch on September 26, making it one of the first laptops to feature the new Windows 11 OS. 

HONOR said that it is capable of maximizing the potential of the new operating system, with more advanced capabilities in software and hardware integration, as well as tailored tweaks and upgrades to deliver a better Windows 11 experience.

Following their recent agreement, the two companies will collaborate closely to build ground-breaking AI and end products, as well as construct forward-thinking technological strategies, ultimately boosting HONOR's global "1+8+N" goal.
Executives from the two companies
Executives from the two companies

According to George Zhao, CEO of Honor Device, both companies will be able to connect end-devices and the all-scenario ecology to create "a new intelligent world for everyone", which would mean a better integration between smartphones and Windows devices.

HONOR is committed to adopt a consumer-centric approach and develop best-in-class products for our users. With a strong belief in openness, cooperation, and innovation, we will work closely with our global supply chain partners across the industry to create a world-class product experience with our technological capabilities, market insights, and R&D innovations. HONOR and Microsoft will continue to strengthen our strategic partnership and develop solutions that can incorporate different software and hardware technologies for various user scenarios. We are confident that together HONOR and Microsoft will be able to establish an interconnection between end-devices and the all-scenario ecology to create a new intelligent world for everyone, said by George Zhao CEO of Honor Device Co., Ltd

Microsoft provides not only OS for desktop computers but also cloud technology. Honor has stated that it will incorporate cloud computing and AI technology into its product services, including the China-only intelligent assistant YOYO, AI travel assistant, utilities, and even translation services. With this, it will give smart devices and computers a richer and smarter AI experience.

Moreover, both companies will continue to discover the future opportunities of integrating Windows and Android to boost the overall ecosystem experience of their products.

Source: HONOR

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