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Huawei opens Digital Finance and Security Innovation Lab, intros Digital Car Key

Huawei recently founded the Digital Finance and Security Innovation Lab. Alongside, the tech giant also introduces the Digital Car Key—a way to open your vehicles using a smartphone.
Huawei opens Digital Finance and Security Innovation Lab, introduces Digital Car Key
File Photo: Huawei logo in China

Digital Finance and Security lab, Digital Car Key introduced!

The newly founded lab in Helsinki, Finland will focus on meeting the needs of the banking, finance, and payment services in Europe and Huawei also asked a number of industry leaders to participate. These will include pan-European banks, FinTechs, and other industry players. Additionally, the lab also supports the Helsinki-Aalto Institute for Cybersecurity and is collaborates closely with Alto University.

The Fin²Sec lab will serve as an incubator, creating new methods to improve consumer and service provider security while keeping things simple. It will investigate options such as employing voice recognition as the second form of biometric authentication.

For almost a decade, the Chinese tech giant has had an R&D facility in Finland, which has aided in the development of hardware-assisted trusted environments, which are vital to services like Huawei Pay, WeChat Pay, and authentication solutions for Huawei phones and cars keys.
virtual key image
Virtual key image

Huawei introduces a new way of opening your cars via the Digital Car Key, this is an NFC-based app that lets you unlock and starts your car using just a smartphone. In case you have an automobile that supports a virtual key you can use the feature from the maker's app such as myAudi and the like.
Virtual key image 2
Virtual key image 2

You may unlock the car by tapping your phone to the door handle once everything is set up. You may place your phone on the wireless charging station and start the car by pressing the start button. It's the same method to turn it off and lock the door in reverse.

Aside from that, this also works even if your smartphone's battery is dead, the key will stay active for up to 24 hours. On the manufacturer's website, there's also a way to deactivate the virtual key if in case you lose your phone.

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Source: Huawei

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