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LG shares 5 reasons to switch LG's OLED TVs during OLED Madness Roadshow

LG Philippines announced the OLED Madness Roadshow to allow to experience its OLED TVs. It also curated 5 reasons why you should switch to OLED TVs.
LG shares 5 reasons to switch LG's OLED TVs during OLED Madness Roadshow
LG's 5 reasons to get an OLED TV

Why should you get an LG OLED TV?

It has a slim design and advanced TV technology
It has a slim design and advanced TV technology

1. Sharp picture - LG OLED TVs come with Dolby Vision IQ that uses metadata to optimize picture quality based on content genre and ambient surroundings. The viewing experience is also improved by Dolby Atmos with immersive audio. There's also filmmaker mode that turns off motion smoothing, image sharpening, and other processing settings while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. This aims to deliver the director's original vision.

2. Swift Response - LG OLED TVs also have gaming capabilities such as a fast 1ms response time. This ensures that every move you input on your controllers will be natural and responsive. This is especially important for games that need fast reaction times such as FPS and fighting games. It is also able to use G-Sync as well.

3. Smooth Motion - LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that illuminate one by one. This allows it to display fast-moving scenes with less motion blur than backlit TVs. OLED Motion Pro inserts black data of adaptive duration to reduce motion blur too.

4. Slim Design - LG OLED TV's self-lit pixels allow for a slimmer design compared to backlights. The LG OLED Gallery Design TVs have a profile that is slim that it appears stuck to your wall. It hangs flush like a work of art which adds to your home's interior feel.

5. Eye Comfort - LG OLED TV displays have been recognized for maximum eye comfort by
leading global independent inspection service TÜV Rheinland of Germany and UL, a leading
global safety science company.

When you purchase an LG OLED 2021 TV model, you also get a discount on the LG ToneFree wireless earbuds.
LG OLED Madness Roadshow
LG OLED Madness Roadshow

The LG OLED Madness Roadshow will set up pop-ups in Anson’s The Link, Anson Alabang Town Center, Abenson Ascott, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Cebu Main. It will take place for the whole month of September.

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