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Nintendo Switch latest update brings Bluetooth audio support

The latest update for Nintendo Switch finally brings Bluetooth audio streaming to its whole lineup.
Nintendo Switch latest update brings Bluetooth audio support

Bluetooth audio is now supported!

Back in 2017, Wireless audio support was a widely requested feature by the owners of the hybrid console. Now once updated, the Switch's Settings will include a new Bluetooth menu where you can add one audio streaming device at a time. While the Switch has technically been capable of providing this feature since its release, it does have limitations that Nintendo believes will now make the feature worthwhile.
Menu showing the new feature
Menu showing the new feature

As per Nintendo's new support page, only two controllers will be allowed to be linked to the console simultaneously with a Bluetooth Audio device. You can't use wireless headphones or earphones when you play local wireless multiplayer games - Switch would automatically cut your connection, most likely due to interference.

The Switch may be able to save up to 10 devices however, only one can be paired at a time. Also, the company mentioned that there's no Bluetooth microphone functionality, and a disclaimer states that you may also experience audio latency which varies per device.

If these limitations make you frown, still there will always be third-party adapters made for the Switch. At least Nintendo has finally granted their user's request. 

What do you guys think?

Source: Nintendo, Via: GSMArena

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