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OnePlus to combine its mobile operating system with OPPO in 2022

In a blogpost, Co-founder of OnePlus Pete Lau discussed on the changes brought by the company's integration with OPPO.
Pete Lau: OnePlus to combine its mobile operating system with OPPO for 2022
Integration of OnePlus' OxygenOS and OPPO's ColorOS

OnePlus 10 to launch with new OS but older models will be updated next year

In June, we previously reported that the company will have a deeper integration with OPPO, its sister BKK company. As OnePlus is moving forward to this and making sure that it goes smoothly, it announced a new phase OnePlus 2.0.

In line with this, Lau shared some updates on the future for OnePlus in terms of product strategies. He said that they will continue offering users a high-quality experience at multiple price points. He added that they will localize the availability of the more affordable product ranges.

The OnePlus Co-founder also noted that the company wants to focus more on camera technology. It will allegedly invest in improving the quality of the images its devices can produce as well as with their partnership with Hasselblad. The company is "doubling down on our commitment to our camera, specifically in 3 areas" in terms of user experience, color performance, and research and development.

One of the key announcements in the blog post is the integration of OnePlus' OxygenOS and OPPO's ColorOS. There will be a brand new "Unified Global Operating System" that combines the best of OxygenOS and ColorOS into a single platform.
Diagram of Unified Global Operating System
Diagram of Unified Global Operating System

OnePlus said that it would result in a more reliable software, provide Android updates much faster, lighten the load. It also claimed that it will provide a fast and smooth experience to both new and existing users. He further added,

By combining our software resources to focus on one unified and upgraded operating system for both OnePlus and OPPO devices globally, we will combine the strengths from both into one even more powerful OS: the fast and smooth, burdenless experience of OxygenOS, and the stability and rich features of ColorOS. 

The refreshed OnePlus OS will first be available on the company's next flagship phone, due to launch in 2022. Aside from that, the company will also roll out a major Android update that will bring the integrated OS to existing OnePlus devices.

Source: OnePlus

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