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Adobe rolled out Photoshop on browser, RAW support to iPad, and more!

Adobe just announced updates to its entire suite of apps during its Max conference.
Adobe rolled out Photoshop on browser, RAW support to iPad, and more!
Adobe outs new improvements on its apps

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One of the highlights of this event is the announcement that Adobe is bringing Photoshop to the web browser. However, this web-based version of the app has limited editing capabilities.
With limited editing capabilities
With limited editing capabilities

Allegedly, this is designed for teamwork wherein users can save their PSDs to the cloud. They can also share it with collaborators via a link with a review and comment function that since with Photoshop on desktop.

The desktop version, on the other hand, has a new smart object masking feature. To use it, hover over an object then the Sensei AI will isolate it in a new mask.  This enables the user to make local adjustments. To create masks for multiple objects, go to Layer > Mask All Objects.
Landscape Mixer
Landscape Mixer

As for the Landscape Mixer, this function can instantly transform a landscape shot into a different season. It also can even mask and harmonize people in the scene so they don't stand out.

Meanwhile, the iPad version of Photoshop also got a notable improvement.  Apple Pro RAW files from the iPhone 12 and 13 are now supported, as well as RAW files from the entire Adobe Camera RAW list. Other features on the iPad version of Photoshop include Sky Replacement, Healing Brush, and Magic Wand.

Adobe also launched a new technology preview of Vectorize on Illustrator for iPad. It is claimed to be a next-gen image tracing that enables users to convert any image into a crisp, vector graphic with enhanced precision and control. 

The company also enhanced 3D effects and added a vast library of Adobe Substance 3D materials. It also said that a web version of the Illustrator app will arrive on a Creative cloud platform.

In addition to these, Adobe has added dozens of other features that will save users time and expand what they create. This includes perspective guides and motion effects in Fresco, its multi-platform drawing and painting app.

It also introduced the ability to add playable videos and Lottie animations to user's prototypes in Adobe XD, among many others.

Price and availability

The Creative Cloud subscription is retailed for PHP 2,642 per month or PHP 29,904 per year.
You can subscribe to the services by clicking here

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