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Carrier Philippines showcased its tech and solutions during its "Invisible Event"

Carrier Philippines recently held its "Invisible Event", providing its attendees with a full sensorial experience.
Carrier Philippines showcased its tech and solutions during its 'Invisible Event'
Carrier products at the studio set

Explaining the science behind how sensories are stimulated

With its new message "The Science of Indoor Living", the company wants to emphasize its commitment to making life at home healthier, safer, and more comfortable in the new normal.

According to Carrier, it has solutions that can work to optimize conditions and filter out invisible pollutants, allergens, and pathogens.
A PR Kit in the 'Invisible Event'
A PR Kit in the 'Invisible Event'

To convey the message, Carrier invited the participants to an experiment with their senses. There were PR kits distributed to the audience, containing items chosen for their sensory impact. This includes a graze box that has food items like dark chocolate bark and ground coffee, microfiber towels, vanilla-scented sprays, and UV flashlights.

Upon signing up for the event, the attendees went to a studio set especially designed by Moss Design House. Allegedly, the studio set remained static throughout the event while hosts Anne Asis and Show Suzuki interacted with the attendees via voiceover alone.

There were 4 event sections in which the attendees were guided to use particular items in their PR kits at specific times. As their key sensory experiences were heightened, the hosts explained the science behind them.

The first section, "The Science of Better Learning", tackled how external factors such as music, food, and room temperature can affect cognitive function, heighten brain activity, and improve overall productivity.

Meanwhile, the 2nd section "The Science of Carefree Cooling and Relaxing Sleep" evolved on comfort and relaxation. The hosts explained how relaxing sleep can be achieved through pristine air and optimal temperature maintenance from Carrier air conditioners.

For the 3rd section called "The Science of Safer Breathing", the hosts elaborated on how improper exhaust and ventilation can pollute indoor air. They also show can Carrier Air Purifiers can efficiently trap pollutants and allergens with their three-stage filters. These home appliances also feature UV-C light to eliminate harmful pathogens.

Lastly, "The Invisible Science" serves as the concluding section. The attendees were instructed to use ultraviolet light to reveal a special discount as a code hidden in plain sight.

At the end of the event, attendees learned information that would improve their home lives. At the same time, it demonstrated how Carrier products could contribute to such outcomes.

To know more about Carrier products, you can click this link.

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