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Ookla: Globe's latest NCR mobile consistency score is "close" with global telcos

Based on the latest report by independent firm Ookla, Globe's latest NCR Mobile Consistency Score is "close" with global benchmarks.
Now and future ready!

Better mobile consistency than ever

In particular, Globe was able to maintain a mobile consistency score of 81.99 (from 76 percent last Q1, 2021) in the National Capital Region (NCR) and 76 percent nationwide. The NCR score is close to what T-Mobile in the United States with 84.8 percent, Videotron in Canada with 87.4 percent; Telekom in Germany with 90.1 percent.

The nationwide average is still lower at 76 percent. But, it has improved from 70.43 in Q1 of 2021.

This means that those who are using Globe are getting a more consistent and better experience than competing telcos when it comes to surfing the internet, using social media apps, streaming, and more.

We have been consistent with our efforts to improve our services. By using the latest technology like 5G, complemented by our sustained network rollouts and modernization, we are giving our customers the best possible mobile and data experience that will help them in their everyday needs, said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

To recap, Globe increased its capex (capital expenditures) this year to PHP 76 billion to deliver its commitment of a #1stWorldNetwork. A bulk of that budget was allocated for data network expansion nationwide, particularly 5G.

Globe claimed that it now has a 5G outdoor coverage in the NCR to 95 percent. It is now present in over 1,900 locations nationwide as of end-September, 2021 as well.

Globe also notes that the company installed one million fiber-to-the-home lines as of end-September, constructed new cell towers, and upgraded at least 12.9K sites as of end-September.

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Via: Ookla

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