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Globe: Our customer loyalty remains high amid MNP implementation

According to Globe, its customers have remained loyal to its network despite the recent commercial launch of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) act last September 30.
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Globe subscribers remain loyal

To recap, MNP allows mobile SIM card owners to switch to the telco of their choice without the need of changing their numbers for FREE.

The company claimed that this proves its efforts in providing care for its stakeholders, massive network upgrades and expansion, and the relevant offers across the Globe Group are well-appreciated by its customers.

Globe added that the majority of its customers decided to stick to its network despite earlier 
statements made by various industry stakeholders on the possibility of a massive migration of customers from one network to another.

There is also a recent Reddit poll showing that 66 percent of the respondents said they wished to stay with their current network. 
Globe topped the network of choice with 17 percent saying Globe is their preferred provider if they were to move.

In our own GIZGUIDE poll (independent, not sponsored by any telco), 329 of the respondents also said that they will stay with Globe followed by Smart with 263 votes. 146 said that they will move to the third telco DITO. They also topped in the Facebook survey we made with over a thousand likes. The nearest competitor Smart only got 184 hearts.

According to Globe, the company ensures both existing and new subscribers that the company is always ready to provide them with the products and services that fit and uplift their lives to ensure they get the most out of their plan or promo using the number they love.

The company also said that members of the Globe family can get the "right deals for their budget, rewards for their loyalty, and the care they need".

To continue to maintain its current customer base or grow even further, Globe noted that the company will soon introduce 
new device deals, plan discounts, and SIM samplers soon. Globe notes that its customers can also avail of offers from the digital platforms under the Globe Group, including the country’s leading e-wallet service GCash and telehealth services KonsultaMD and HealthNow.

Globe is also continuing its aggressive network rollout which includes expanding 5G coverage to over 1,800 sites across the country and making available new one million fiber lines to homes.

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