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Ikea teams up with ASUS ROG, revealing new gaming furniture range!

Swedish company Ikea is showcasing its pieces of gaming furniture at this Tokyo Game Show this year.
Ikea teams up wiith ASUS ROG, revealing new gaming furniture range!
Ikea showcased its new products during the Tokyo Game Show (Photo from Channel News)

Swedish brand got help ASUS ROG for its research and development

During the 4-day videogame industry event, Ikea debuted with a lineup of chairs and tables for gamers. Allegedly, the modular furniture company is pushing to enter the said industry due to demand driven by the pandemic.

This year's Tokyo Game Show included an unexpected participant: Swedish furniture giant Ikea made its debut at the four-day videogame industry event with a lineup of chairs and tables targeting gamers. The majority of the event takes place online, but there is still an in-person component.
Some of the items during the exhibit (Photo from Channel News)
Some of the items during the exhibit (Photo from Channel News)

Ikea's Japanese subsidiary exhibited a lineup of gaming furniture including an adjustable desk and a wide range of chairs. The company also displayed accessories such as an LED desk light, a neck pillow, and a wooden headphone stand.

This event gave Ikea the opportunity to showcase its products to the gaming industry, thus tapping new customers. Reportedly, the Swedish company is preparing for a global launch by next month.

Ikea has already rolled out some of its gaming furniture in China and Japan this year. Apparently, it's testing the water in Asia's two biggest gaming markets. With the collaboration with ASUS ROG, it conducted research regarding its new lineup.

Head of Ikea Japan Ruslan Pseunok told a source that ROG's expertise helped the company understand gamers' needs. He added,

We were able to gather data and relearn how to develop products that can be used by not only professional gamers but also casual consumers.

The company explained that it usually takes around three years to develop a product. This can mean that its plans to venture into the gaming market likely started even before the pandemic.

According to the source, Ikea's strength is affordability by keeping prices low through mass production and minimizing shipping costs

Allegedly, the cheapest gaming chair launched in China has a price tag of JPY 4,999 (around PHP 2.3K) while its most expensive chair sells for JPY 15,999 (around PHP 7.3K).

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Source: Nikkei

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