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Instagram Video launched with 60 second feed previews

Instagram is ditching IGTV and Feed videos by combining them into one format called the Instagram Video.
Instagram Video launched with 60 second feed previews
Instagram Video now official

Five updates to make creating and discovering videos easier!

In an Instagram post of @Creators profile, an Instagram-owned account where creators can turn to when it comes to new app updates and tips, the new Instagram Video is rolled out today. As of writing, I personally haven't received the update yet but it should be there soon for me and you in case don't have it yet, too.
What's new on Instagram Video?
What's new on Instagram Video?

IGTV and Feed videos lose their identities since they are "combined" in the new Instagram Video format. Apart from this, Instagram has also released new updates for better video creation and discovery.

Instagram new updates:

1. 60-sec Feed Previews
2. A new Video tab on Profile
3. Trimming
4. Filters
5. People & location tagging

In case you're wondering, the Instagram Video will still be uploaded by tapping the '+' in the top corner of the app. Thanks to the new updates, users can now add filters or trim their videos before sharing them. 
Instagram Video and Reels
Instagram Video and Reels

Instagram's @Creators has also shared tips on how to make each of Instagram's video surfaces work for users.

Types and uses of Instagram video surfaces:

1. Instagram Video - Engage more deeply with your audience with immersive storytelling.
2. Reels - Reach a new audience with entertaining videos.
3. Stories - Bring your audience along for the ride with everyday moments.
4. Live - Share a real-time connection.
Stories and Live
Stories and Live

Instagram noted that when a creator uses in-stream video ads, previews will still be on a 15-sec basis, rather than the new update's 60 seconds.

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