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noblechairs Hero Black Edition Review - Best built gaming chair?

noblechairs recently arrived in the Philippines and in this article we share our experience after two weeks of use.
noblechairs Hero Black Edition Review - Best built gaming chair?
NobleChair Hero Black Series

noblechairs Philippines kindly sent over both the noblechairs Epic and Hero series Black Edition chairs for us to try and experience ourselves. If you are interested in learning more about the EPIC series Black edition then you can read this.


Inside the box part 1

Inside the large box is the assembly instruction manual, neck, and lower back pillows, base, steel frame, seat, backrest, and accessories box.
Inside the smaller Accessories box
Inside the smaller Accessories box

Inside the smaller Accessories box are the steel stem-like bar, five casters, cup-shaped covers, backrest hinge covers, straps, two lever straps, screws, rivets, and the Allen-key.

All of the parts are secured and pristine out of the box.

Build Quality/Design

Made of a Vinyl/PU Hybrid Leather
Made of a Vinyl/PU Hybrid Leather

noblechairs offers their chairs in a variety of materials that include PU-Leather, Real Leather, Vinyl/PU Hybrid Leather, and Fabric.

The Black Edition we received uses Vinyl/PU Hybrid Leather. The company says that the Vinyl/PU Hybrid leather has microfine pores that allow both air and water vapor to move thru the material. This makes the covers durable and breathable while preventing stickiness and discomfort.

Upon closer inspection, the covers and the seams look and feel tough. We are confident that it will last a long time and will resist tearing and disintegration.

The seams that connect the cover parts from each other are thick and uniform which looks and feels like it is holding each other well.
Front and Rear sides

In front are the seat, backrest, armrests, backrest, neck rest pillow, lower back pillow, steel frame, and casters while at the back is a smooth surface.
Left and Right sides
Left and Right sides

On the sides of each chair is the height adjustment lever, rocking mechanism lever, armrests, the backrest hinges with Polyurethane covers. While on the right side of the backrest is a knob that adjusts the lumbar support hidden under the Vinyl/PU hybrid leather covers.

Sturdy materials!

Under the Vinyl/PU hybrid leather covers are the cold foam inner cushion, Memory foam headrests, and velour cushions and side strips.

These knobs and levers have PU covers that feel solid while being lightweight. 

The levers are made of metal with PU covers on top. 

The Polyurethane armrests offer 4D adjustments which mean it can be adjusted in four different directions: forward/backward, sideward, height and angle.


Hero is larger (taller and wider) than Epic
Hero is larger (taller and wider) than Epic

The HERO gaming chair is one of the company's largest chairs with a total height of 53.3 inches, a total seating area width of 20.47 inches, and a backrest width of 22.44 inches. It is also designed to carry a max payload of 330 lbs or 150 kg.
Lumbar support knob and the lumbar pillow
Lumbar support knob and the lumbar pillow

It is unique in the line with adjustable lumbar support that is hidden under the covers in the lower backrest area.

The headrest area features memory foam that the company claims will offer more comfort while resting the head on it.

Compared to the EPIC gaming chair, the armrests of the HERO gaming chair are noticeably larger while still offering 4D adjustability.


5 Casters
5 Casters

Assembly is easy and straightforward especially when following the included instruction manual.

The five (5) casters or wheels are attached to the metal 5 pointed-star shaped frame by friction. This means there is no tool involved. Users just plug them in and the weight of the chair and gravity keep them in place. Each caster moves independently and offers a smooth ride thru wooden or tiled surfaces. 

Each lever has a short but satisfying mechanism that gives the user feedback when the levers have switched modes. 

When raising the height of the chair with the lever, the chair smoothly increases its height when there is no weight on top of the chair. It lowers its height when there is weight-bearing on the chair. 
Backrest adjustment lever
Backrest adjustment lever

The same can be said for the backrest when adjusting from the straight 90-degree down to 125 degrees. The transition is smooth and is easy. The chair is able to carry our weight and it does not tip over even we lie flat on the chair. One of the levers serves as the lock to secure the angle of the backrest.

While the knob has just enough resistance to make it easy to turn while not being easy enough to move accidentally or on its own.

The lumbar support is adjusted with the knob and starts from a flat surface to a protruding curve that offers some support whenever the user is sitting straight.

Like the rest of the adjustable mechanisms of the chair, the 4D armrests are easy to adjust and are straightforward. The armrests are normally locked into place but can be adjusted by pressing the button on the inner side.

The included neck and lumbar pillows have a soft velvety outer cover with a soft memory foam-like material inside. This makes it soft but with some structure.

The comfort of the chair and the lumbar support it offers is great!

The seat itself is sturdy but soft enough to be comfortable after several hours of use. We sat on the chair non-stop for a 5-hour VALORANT gaming session and our lower back, butt, and legs were surprisingly not that tired. We also noticed that we had some sweat but not as much as we would have had we sat on a true leather chair. We also didn't feel sticky and uncomfortable after a while. Our butt still felt tired but not as bad as it would have had we sat on a monoblock or a normal chair.

The comfort of the chair and the lumbar support it offers is great but we still recommend getting an ergonomic chair for people who have been diagnosed with back problems.

Pros: Solid materials, eye-catching design, super adjustable, lumbar support
Cons: Price may turn people away

noblechairs Hero Black Edition Specs

Total Height (with Base): 50.2-53.3 inches
Seat Pan Height (with Base): 18.3-21.5 inches
Backrest Width (shoulder level): 22.44 inches
Seating Area Width (total): 20.47 inches
Armrest Depth: 10.63-inches
Recommended Maximum Payload: 330lbs (or 150 kg)
Total Weight: 62lbs
Rocking Mechanism: Max 11-degrees
Backrest Adjustability: 45 degrees (from 90 to 125 degrees)
Materials: Steel frame, Cold foam inner cushioning, Vinyl/PU Hybrid leather cover, Aluminium base, Polyurethane Armrests, Nylon and Polyurethane casters, Memory foam headrest, and Velour cushions and side strips
Price: PHP 23,740


Without and with the included Neck rest pillow
Without and with the included Neck rest pillow

The noblechairs HERO gaming chair was already a great chair, to begin with. It features solid build materials and a reliable adjustment mechanism. But with the addition of the Vinyl/PU Hybrid leather addresses our concerns with sweat, stickiness, and discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to other materials like fabric, leather, vegan leather.

We love that the HERO is large enough to accommodate even a plus-sized person while being able to carry a heavy payload. It even stays still and does not tip over when the backrest is at an angle and when the user is lying on it.

The casters and the mechanisms are smooth and the added neck and lumbar pillow are a nice addition. 

Our only concern with the chair is the price. PHP 23,740 may turn a lot of people away but if you can afford it, it offers one of the best quality gaming chairs for the price.

We recommend that you go for the Black series with the Vinyl/PU Hybrid leather as it is durable, breathable and it prevents stickiness and discomfort.

Do you agree with us?

What do you guys think?

Build/Design: 4.5/5
Features: 4/5
Performance: 4/5
Rating: 4.17/5

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