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Global OPPO ColorOS 12 now official with smoother performance and new features for efficiency

OPPO is announcing the release of the ColorOS 12 globally. It is the latest iteration of the brand's OS based on Android 12. Let's see what improved!
Global OPPO ColorOS 12 now official with smoother performance and new features for efficiency
OPPO ColorOS12 now official based on Android 12

OPPO launches the Android 12 based ColorOS 12

New look, new features, better performance
New look, new features, better performance

ColorOS 12 touts itself to focus on three aspects. This is efficiency, convenience, and simplicity. OPPO wants to provide the most streamlined experience it can provide to its users. ColorOS 12 emphasizes inclusivity with its new design featuring UI text in 67 languages. It also has 22 accessibility features including Color Vision Enhancement and High Contrast Colors. It also has AOD2.0 with Omoji included.

ColorOS 12 also opened up 27 of its system capabilities to third parties including multimedia, network, performance, AI, AR unit, and connectivity to name a few. This will ensure that apps and accessories will be fully compatible with the new OS.

ColorOS 12 is one of the first OEM operating systems to be updated based on the stable version of Android 12. It picked up UI design cues from stock Android 12 with a simpler look. ColorOS 12 is also touted to be able to last 36 months without showing any performance hiccups. It also has Quantum Animation 3.0 which gives every widget a "virtual mass" and responds to the laws of physics when interacted on.

The GPA 2.0 feature also helps deliver improved smoothness in gameplay by using AI to provide smoother frame rates. PC Connect also increases efficiency by allowing users to easily connect the phones to the PC.

The Phone Manager app serves as a hub to check every aspect of your phone. ColorOS 12 also aim to provide battery management features such as Visualized Battery Dashboard, One-Tap Power Saving, and Power Consumption Notifications. Other new features include 3-finger translate featuring Google Lens, Flex Drop, and Smart Sidebar.

The Global versions and Chinese version of ColorOS 12 will have differences in included features as shown below:

Chinese Version exclusive features:

O Family
My devices
Quick Glance
Medical info
Earthquake alerts
Smart recommendations

Global Version exclusive features:

3-Finger Translate
Smart Sidebar- Screen translate
Google Feed
Google Assistant
Android Auto
Device Control

ColorOS 12 will soon roll out to compatible and supported devices soon. The schedule is as follows:

OPPO ColorOS 12 schedule
OPPO ColorOS 12 schedule

OPPO Find X2 Pro, Reno6 5G - November 2021
OPPO Reno6, Reno6 Z 5GB, Reno5, Reno5 Marvel Edition, A74 5G - December 2021
OPPO Reno 10X Zoom, Reno5 5G, Reno4 Z 5G, Reno4, Reno 3 Pro, Reno3, A94 - First Half 2022
OPPO A74 - Second Half 2022

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