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SKY launches "KYLA", a new 24/7 customer service live messaging platform

To improve its customer support, SKY announces that it is launching a 24/7 live messaging platform via its website. Read on for more information!
SKY launches "KYLA", a new 24/7 customer service live messaging platform
KYLA will be the bot used in SKY's new Live Messaging Platform

SKY 24/7 Live Messaging Support platform launches

According to SKY, the service will enable the company to respond to customer queries immediately. It will expedite actions and resolutions as well. This is essential especially in the importance of different services like internet connectivity and cable for entertainment.

The Live Messaging service will be facilitated by a friendly messaging bot named KYLA. This opens up opportunities for SKYcable and SKY Fiber subscribers to do self-help on basic concerns by guiding them to available resources and transfer them to converse with live agents for more complicated matters.

This is the latest among many improvements that SKY has been implementing among its various digital touchpoints, with this new messaging platform seen as contributing to faster response times to customer queries.

To use this, just go to the official SKY website here and click on the "Message Us" icon and the "Get Started button".

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