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OPPO and Sharp patent dispute ends with cross license agreement

OPPO and Sharp signed Friday a cross-license agreement effectively ending global patent disputes.
OPPO and Sharp patent dispute ends with cross license agreement
OPPO and Sharp logos

The agreement ends all ongoing litigation between OPPO and Sharp

It can be recalled that OPPO and Sharp's global patent dispute started in 2020. The latter sued OPPO in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court. Sharp had alleged that OPPO smartphones being sold in Taiwan were infringing on one of its LTE patents.

Both companies agree to dismiss the case following the signing of the cross-licensing agreement, which demonstrates the value of both companies' patent portfolios.

Sharp views that this agreement reflects both parties respect the values of each intellectual property. While we license standard-essential patents for communication technologies to various leading companies, we are pleased that with this agreement, we can update the value of our patent portfolio once again, said Mototaka Taneya, Executive Managing Officer, Corporate Research & Development BU President at Sharp.

Recently Sharp launched the Aquos zero6 and Aquos sense6 that both feature high refresh rate displays and midrange chipsets. Meanwhile, OPPO has also released a statement regarding the cross-license agreement.
Sharp Aquos zero6 and Aquos sense6
Sharp Aquos zero6 and Aquos sense6

OPPO believes deeply in the value of innovation and highly respects intellectual property. We are pleased with the outcome that both companies resolve the global patent disputes in an amicable way. The cross-licensing agreement again recognizes OPPO’s IP strength, said Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at OPPO.

The Chinese giant recently released the ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. They have released a list of OPPO smartphones eligible for the upgrade. 

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