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OPPO just revealed the ColorOS 12 and the devices that will receive this upgrade

OPPO finally outs the ColorOS 12 based on Android 12.
OPPO just revealed the ColorOS 12 and the devices that will receive this upgrade
ColorOS 12 with a Smart Sidebar 2.0

The upgrade has few design tweaks and useful features

Previously, we reported that OPPO shared new wallpapers from its latest Android skin ahead of the official  ColorOS 12 rollout. This time, the company has introduced the new operating system, including what the update may appear for OPPO, OnePlus, and realme devices.
ColorOS 12's OMOJIs
ColorOS 12's OMOJIs

For visuals, OPPO features several design upgrades in ColorOS 12with s redesigned icons, new animations, and avatar emojis called OMOJI. OPPO is the latest Android OEM to introduce its own digital avatars for users after Samsung AR Emoji and Xiaomi Mimoji.

It appears that the Android skin now sports squircle-shaped acrylic icons that have a consistent shape across the board. Aside from that, the company also improved information density by having all its elements well spaced out. This can help users easily view information.

Aside from that, ColorOS 12 is equipped with tons of new features and improvements, in addition to the ones introduced in Android 12. The FlexDrop feature for multi-tasking was enhanced so it now enables users to drag an app or switch from full-screen by a simple gesture.

The new OS also sports Smart Sidebar 2.0 that has six new tools. Allegedly, these tools can assist in tasks such as playing songs, compare prices on sites, and others.

OPPO also launched a new Cross-Screen Interconnection feature to simplify connectivity between phones and personal computers. According to the company, it permits users to navigate their phones with their PCs. This reportedly works with a majority of Windows 10 laptops from mainstream brands.

Moreover, the ColorOS 12 also has  Car Screen Projection features that support a lot of third-party apps. This includes Kuwo, Ximalaya, Baidu Maps, AutoNavi, etc.
Quantum Animation Engine for gaming
Quantum Animation Engine for gaming

The company also developed notable upgrades on performance by equipping the OS with Quantum Animation Engine. OPPO says that this brings 300 improved animations to the software to produce a smooth and life-like browsing experience. 

In addition to this, the ColorOS 12 has an anti-stutter AI engine to address lags and stutters. Also, OPPO claimed that it can suggest priorities for apps to ensure smooth operation based on user habits.

For privacy and security, new features came with this update. There's a feature that will notify users when an app uses the phone’s microphone, camera, or location. Meanwhile, the permissions reminder feature will send out notifications to prevent third-party apps from collecting background data. 

There's also an additional secure sharing feature in ColorOS 12 to help users remove metadata from images before sharing. Allegedly, it also functions for video sharing.

OPPO has announced the release timeline for ColorOS 12 and the Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first device to receive the update. In October, the company will roll out a public beta build for the Find X3 series and the OnePlus 9 series.

On the other hand, the Find X2 series and Reno 6 series will receive their first ColorOS 12 beta builds in November. In December, the Reno 5 series, the OPPO K9, A95, A93, Ace 2 series, and the OnePlus 8 series will receive a public beta build. However, there's no announcement yet for the realme phones.

OPPO said that it plans to release the upgrade plan to a wider range of phones. It also made a promise to provide three major Android upgrades for its flagship phones.

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