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Smile API fast tracks financial service applications through secure employee-owned data

Smile API makes applying for loans and financing easier for workers and employers. It fast tracks the process with application approval in seconds. 
Smile API fast tracks financial service applications through secure employee-owned data
Smile API promotes financial inclusion and fast financial services in PH

What is Smile API?

Smile API is a digital platform that is designed to expedite applications for loans or financing for things such as a car, a business, or a house, among others. It is available for both employees and employers as well. It provides faster service by approving or rejecting applications within just a few seconds. In both ways, it saves people a lot of time in terms of processing the application. This means less time away from their work. How do they do this?

Users will register through the Smile API using companies they regularly deal with or interact with. They will agree to transmit their encrypted employment data which then passes from their employer through Smile API to the bank or vendor in seconds. This will be done when you apply for loans, financing, deferred payment terms, employment, or financial services. 

This is also a one-time process. Smile API will get the encrypted data from the employer then passes it on to the vendor. Smile API states that it will not hold onto any of your data. With this process, hours of process, manpower, and stress are condensed into just a few seconds.

Smile API aims to provide a service unlike any in the country. Just recently, Smile API received funding from two established fintech investors namely Credit Ease, a diversified conglomerate with a global footprint, and Plug and Play Singapore, a global venture capital firm with a strong regional presence.

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