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Apple plans to equip crash detection feature to iPhones and smartwatches!

The Cupertino giant is allegedly going to add a new "crash detection" feature in its iPhone and Apple Watch as soon as next year.
File photo: iPhone 13 Pro

 Apple is still improving the crash detection algorithm

According to a report, the feature will automatically dial 911 when an iPhone or Apple Watch detected a vehicular accident. In the past, Apple devices are said to have detected over 10 million suspected car crashes already. More than 50,000 in these circumstances included a call to 911.

The source explained that the crash detention feature will work by measuring for a sudden spike in gravity, or "g", forces on impact. It said that the company has been testing the feature over the previous year by gathering anonymous data from iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Moreover, Apple is claimed to be utilizing 911 call data to enhance the accuracy of its crash-detection algorithm. The documents say that an emergency call associated with a suspected impact gives Apple more confidence that it is indeed a car accident.

The feature can be comparable to the existing fall detection of the Apple Watch. The latter works by intelligently detecting when a sudden fall occurs. It also automatically contacts emergency services if the person doesn’t dismiss the alert within one minute of falling. 

If the person’s emergency contact information is filled out, that contact will be notified with a text message and a map of the watch’s location at the time of the fall.

There are assumptions that the Cupertino giant will launch the crash detection feature in 2022 as part of iOS 16 and watchOS 9. However, there's still no formal announcement yet made by Apple so we have to take every information with a grain of salt.

Any thoughts on this feature?

Source: 9to5mac

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