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Globe expands 4G and 5G coverage in Bacolod, Boracay, CDO, and Iloilo

Local telco giant Globe today revealed that it has completed its 3G legacy network to 4G LTE in Boracay, Iloilo City, and Cagayan de Oro as of September 2021. The company also installed 5G towers in these key areas including Malay, Aklan.
File photo: Globe 5G speed test

For improved mobile experiences!

According to Globe, these moves have resulted in the improved mobile experiences of its customers. 

In particular, the telco claims that it has completed 180 site upgrades in Cagayan de Oro and it now has 30 key locations all over the city with 5G coverage.

In Bacolod City, Globe has 84 new sites and built 13 5G towers.

In Iloilo, 111 sites were upgraded. 11 new locations now have 5G coverage as well.

In Boracay, Globe modernized its 32 sites in Balabag, Manoc-Manoc and Yapak. The company's 5G coverage is now said to be present in the three barangays with Manoc-Manoc having two 5G towers.

With the 4G LTE network, Globe customers in Bacolod City, Boracay, Cagayan de Oro and in Iloilo City now have access to high-speed internet, clearer calls and a stable mobile network. We also made 5G available in these four locations in order for them to maximize the potential and opportunities of the technology, said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

To enjoy the upgrades, Globe is encouraging its subscribers to get a 4G-capable SIM card. Globe's postpaid and prepaid subscribers only need to text SIM CHECK to 8080. If you are still using an OLD 2G/3G SIM, the subscriber may bring their SIMs to the nearest Globe store for a FREE upgrade. Postpaid Mobile customers can also request to have their SIMs changed via the GlobeOne App.

Note that Globe's 4G SIM cards are 5G-ready. 

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