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Globe supports reassessment of spectrum fees

Globe Telecom backed recent moves to reassess spectrum fees paid to the government, saying this will allow telcos to spend the money on network buildup.
Globe supports reassessment of spectrum fees
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Globe hopes govt can reduce to zero the spectrum user fees

In a statement, the company lauded the unanimous approval at the House of Representatives of House Bill 9851, or the Zero Spectrum User Fee for Telcos Using WiFi Act.

The bill mandates the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to effectively establish the Zero SUF Policy and regulation by not imposing charges, nor collecting fees from telcos for using WiFi or wireless data networks.

If the bill will further be pursued, Globe said consumers may expect boosted access to WiFi technology. The costs of telco services will also be cheaper.

We have been actively pursuing the lowering of spectrum user fees with the NTC and Congress, since we believe that telecommunications are now an essential service that should be made more affordable for users, said Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel.

The group said that instead of paying for spectrum charges, the budget could be realigned for network investments.

When spectrum prices are set too high, operators are likely to invest less in their networks—which impacts the quality, affordability, and reach of services, Castelo said.

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