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Huawei opens its largest health lab yet!

Tech giant Huawei has just opened its largest health lab yet, located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China.
Huawei opens its largest health lab yet!
Huawei Health Lab

To make innovative health wearables and technologies

Huawei said that this is part of its CNY 200 million (around PHP 1.5 billion) support of research and development of smart wearables. The lab is 4,680 square meters big.
The company's largest health lab yet
The company's largest health lab yet

According to reports, the Huawei Health Lab facility will support 80 simulation tests covering the entire development of smart wearables. It will house Huawei's important R&D teams with cutting-edge research into human health and fitness in tandem with the development of Huawei's smart wearable products. 

The labs also add "much-needed" capacity and potential to the company's existing lab that focuses on applications for health and fitness in 
Xi’an, China.

The company notes that the new Huawei Health Lab aims to become a world-class health and fitness technology institute dedicated to products, standards, certifications, and industry incubation activities.
Some of the facilities inside
Some of the facilities inside

The lab will support the research and development of new wearable technologies for expanded and robust health monitoring. It also has a plateau blood oxygen simulation lab capable of replication high-altitude environments to provide tests on oxygen levels saturation and its impact on body functions.

The health lab also has all the facilities needed to observe and measure body changes at different altitudes under different climatic conditions.

There is also a health and fitness incubation area for the simulation of health experiences and services. It even includes micro-physical examination, digital sports, and home fitness.

This new lab will likely help in making Huawei develop more exciting, useful, and innovative health wearables in the near future.

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