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Instagram Reels now has Text-to-Speech and Voice Effects features

Instagram added two new features to Reels. First is Text-to-Speech and the other is Voice Effects. These are popular tools as well as on TikTok.
Instagram Reels now have Text-to-Speech
Instagram Reels now have Text-to-Speech

Instagram Reels adds two new features similar to TikTok

It also has Voice Effects now
It also has Voice Effects now

Text-to-Speech is a great tool for Instagram Reels to help blind and low-vision people understand content with written text. But, this tool has been used in popular viral TikTok videos serving as narrators in most of the content. It even reached the point of popularity that the voice actor for the Text-to-Speech robotic voice sued TikTok for unfair usage of her recordings. The Text-to-Speech tool for Reels is found via the Text options.

Here are the steps for using Text-to-Speech in Instagram Reels:

1. Open the Instagram app and go to the Reels Camera.
2. Record a video or upload via your Gallery.
3. Use the Text Tool to add preferred text.
4. Tap the Text Bubble to access the three dor menu on the sticker.
5. Select Text-to-Speech then choose between two voice options.

Voice Effects is as straightforward as you think it is. It adds different effects to your voice to add more creative freedom to your content creation. You can add effects to your voice such as Helium, Giant, Vocalist, Announcer, and Robot.

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